Integrity, Professionalism, Experience

David D. Hambleton

This is a partial list of projects I have completed. 

Complete overhaul and standardization of command policies and procedures for everything from raising the flag to nuclear holocaust.

Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative manages a contract and provides technical expertise to ensure the government is getting their dollars-worth out of the contractor...

A failed evaluation.  The lab would shut down, and Spain would “lose interest” in our (America) being stationed on their base.  That would cost millions and leave a hole in our defense scheme. 

“What will my job be?”  “We’re setting up an air defense system for DC.”  “What will I do?”  “We don’t know.  You’ll have to help us learn.”  I did.  We fixed it, and wrote the book.

Command Assessment of Readiness and Training is a huge evolution for any ship, let alone the largest afloat communications suite in the world—on a non-standard platform.  I coordinated...

Disaster Preparedness and SOPs, Brunswick NAS

ERSA—Networking, Systems Integration, Technical Writing, Documentation

RADIAC Lab—Standards Compliance


CART (Project Mgmt & Technical Writing)

Project List

Managing work packages for electronics refit on the largest afloat communications platform in the world—in Malta (where they speak Maltese), and keeping circuits operational throughout!

Ship Refit/Yard Period Project Management

GEMD Rota, Spain—1997.  “If you knew how loused up the whole business is, you’d run screaming.  You could throw everything you have at it, and it would take years to clean this organization up.”  (Out-going Lead Technician)    It took years.  Two-and-a-half of them.

Rebuilding a Maintenance Organization (Perseverance, Change Agency)

The SIXTH Fleet Flagship did very poorly in Maintenance Materials Management evaluation.  Training and qualification standards were inconsistent.  They asked me to solve this.

3M Qualification Tng (Curriculum Development)

David D. Hambleton—PublishAmerica 2006

Collection of sea stories and tributes to our great country’s heroic sea service.

Old Salt, Yarns from the fabric of life at sea.