Integrity, Professionalism, Experience

David D. Hambleton

This is a partial list of work I perform on a professional level, all geared to raise my employer’s bottom line by raising productivity:

Services Performed

20 years in RF, Calibration, RADAR, PLCs, Satellite, Weather Sensors, Operations Centers, IT Systems, Telecommunications, Miniature/Microminiature (2M) Repair, Supervision, Training, Planning, and Mgmt.

Electronics Installation, Maintenance and Repair

15 years supervising, leading, and managing highly intelligent, highly skilled, highly successful technicians.  Mission was always met and my people were advanced at 40% (peers at 12%) and retained at 97% (peers at 39%).

Supervision and Leadership

Hardware engineering including integration, installation, hardening, documentation, validation, testing, monitoring, ITIL, troubleshooting, and repair.  CompTIA A+ IT Technician (2007).  C4I, Windows, Linux, Printers and peripherals, MS Office Suite.

IT Technician

Satellite, microwave, RF, Laser, Point-To-Point, Fiber Optic, Cat5e/Cat6, string-and-can…  Cisco routers and switches, TimePlex Link II+, Vocality MUX, TACLANE, Tunnels, VLAN, Routing Protocols, Network Monitoring/Management & Documentation.


Over 20 years as a trained Quality Manager with Plan/Do/Check/Act, Total Quality Management (TQM), and now Six Sigma.  Long-term program recovery and short-term ship/submarine refit packages on high-dollar and higher-criticality high-tech systems.

Project Management—Six Sigma Greenbelt

Since I was 15-years-old teaching gas welding and brazing techniques to union journeymen in my dad’s night school classes, I have been perfecting the art of conveying technical information to others.  Please hop on the train...

Technical Training

All processes, all positions, burning/cutting, heat-treating, big steel to artistic copper and brass, certified in MN and VA for Low-Hydrogen all positions, Awarded in MN for aluminum, expert with TIG on stainless.  Print/symbol reading, setup, and testing.

Steel Fitter/Welder

I have led and written workshops on Personal Finance, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Rights and Responsibilities, Sexual Harassment, Standards of Conduct, and Ethics. 

Seminar Facilitation