Integrity, Professionalism, Experience

David D. Hambleton

Training and Service


High School:       Technical Sr. High, St. Cloud, MN— General Education.  Graduated in June, 1981

Vocational School:  St. Cloud Technical College, St. Cloud, MN—Welding/Metal Fabrication.  Graduated in June, 1982

College:             Excelsior (Regents) College, Albany, NY—Technology (Electromechanical Specialty) Associate of Applied Science, Graduated in June, 2000

                          Excelsior College, Albany, NY—Bachelor of Professional Studies in Information Systems Technologies—Progressing, prospective graduation date is June, 2015


MILITARY—10-point Veterans Hiring Preference Eligible (DD214)

MN Army National Guard: April 10, 1980—March 12, 1986

Anti-Armor Weapons Crewman and Squad Leader—Supervised six crewmembers. 

Trained for Light Wheeled Vehicle and Power Generator Mechanics at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. 

Primary Non-Commissioned Officer’s Course at Minnesota Military Academy in 1985—Out of over 300 applicants, 250 were selected to attend.  Graduated top of 100-member graduating class as “Leadership Graduate”.

Highest Rank—SP4/E4 (If I’d stayed one more month, my promotion to Sgt/E5 was due.  By the time I learned that, I’d committed to join the active Navy, and the promotion would not benefit me.)


US Navy:  March 16, 1986 (November 29, 1985 for official purposes due to prior active training time)—November 30, 2005 (Skill sets are expounded upon in my SMART Transcript, searchable by NEC Code, i.e. 1427 for NTDS Comms Maint.)

Supervised up to 35 technicians through up to 5 subordinate supervisors.


1986-1986, Basic Electronics & Electricity (BE&E) School  

1986-1987, ET-0000, (ET) Electronics Technician School  

1987-1987, (ET)-1427 Electronics Technician C School in Treasure Island, CA for NTDS Communications Maintenance Training

1987-1989, ET-1427, USS Constellation (CV-64) for duty

1988-1988, ET-9526, Miniature Electronic Repair (surface)

1989-1990, ET-1427, USS Fox (CG-33) for duty

1990-1990, ET-1589, Lowry AFB for PMEL School

1990-1994, ET-1589, Fleet ASW Training Center Pacific (FLEASWTRACENPAC) for duty

1994-1997, ET-0000, USS Simon Lake (AS-33) for duty

1997-1997, ET-1579, Pensacola FL for PAR Training

1997-1999, ET-1579, NAVSTA Rota, Spain for Duty

2000-2001, ET-1468, Norfolk, VA for DSCS Maintenance Training

2001-2003, ET-1468, USS La Salle (LPD-3/AGF-3) for duty

2003-2005, ET-1579, NAS Brunswick for duty

2005-2008, ET-0000, Retired from Service