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David D. Hambleton

Welcome to my

                     professional biography

Please click around and see some of the things I do and have done.  My interest and abilities are myriad; though most of my professional acumen is focused on technology; applied and/or communicated. 


I grew up a welder’s son in Minnesota metal fabrication shops, on farms, and in welding schools.  I was fascinated with electronics.  When I found that the US Navy provided the best education available on the subject, I enlisted.  What ensued was an amazing tour of not only the globe, but the gadgetry that allows us to communicate around it, measure it, and live well on it. 

I am very successful as a trainer, mentor, and coach of some of the brightest technicians and technical supervisors on the planet, posting many years of exemplary advancement and retention numbers for sailors in my field.   


I very much appreciate feedback, so feel cordially requested to drop me an email with your impressions and suggestions.

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David D. Hambleton

6412 Brandon Ave.

Springfield, VA 22150

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David D. Hambleton

67 S. Howell St.

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