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PublishAmerica Presents Old Salt: Yarns from the Fabric
of Life at Sea
by David D. Hambleton

Frederick, MD October 13, 2006 -- PublishAmerica is
proud to present Old Salt: Yarns from the Fabric of Life
at Sea by David D. Hambleton. “Old Salt” is a term for a
sailor who knows the ropes, has sailed the seven seas,
and comes home to tell the stories. This book contains
tales of US Navy warships and the amazing patriots who
worked them. Hambleton was wet behind the ears for
flight operations in the Aleutian Islands, a bit more
savvy for killer whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and
had his thirteenth sea under the keel by the time he
sailed into Russia on the Black. The reader will join
Hambleton in remembering the life of a sailor touring
and protecting the globe, and will admire the power,
personality, and poetry of Davy Jones’ wonderful, wet

David D. Hambleton was born in Minnesota in April
1963. He is a proudly retired US Navy electronics
technician. He lives in Woodbridge, VA, with his wife
Cassie, with whom he has four children: Grace, Eliana,
Jonah and Heidi.

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